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Mervyn Jones II


Mervyn Jones is a veteran lobbyist with over 15 years of experience who builds lasting relationship between clients and policymakers, develops and executes lobbying campaigns, and provides strategic Washington advice to trade associations and corporate executives. 

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Mervyn has a proven track record of guiding clients through the complexities of federal and state legislative and regulatory landscapes. His ability to forge strategic relationships with key stakeholders and clients has been instrumental in securing critical investments and legislation.  

Mervyn's extensive experience includes serving as a liaison to several influential Congressional caucuses, including the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional Alaskan Pacific Asian Caucus, and the Congressional Black Caucus. He is an Advisory Board Member of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, reflecting his commitment to policy and advocacy. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Appropriations 

  • Healthcare 

  • Veterans affairs 

  • Armed services 

  • Trade and retail issues 

  • Small business 

  • Transportation and infrastructure 

  • State government affairs 


Prior to joining Prism Group, Merv was a principle in several other government affairs firms and worked with non-profits and trade groups such as the National Military Veterans Alliance and the National Restuarant Association.  Before entering the government affairs world, Merv worked on Capitol Hill with Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Democratic Vice Chair Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY). In these roles, he was pivotal in shaping federal policy, engaging with state and local government stakeholders, and briefing lawmakers and their staff on critical congressional and administrative initiatives and priorities. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Merv graduated from Hiram College. 

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