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Firing on All Cylinders – Maintaining the Three-Tiered Outlook to Government Affairs Success

Guaranteeing client success in achieving their policy goals in a closely-divided Congress or legislature can sometimes seem too good to be true. Depending on a client’s goals, trying to make progress across chambers and administrations can feel like a tall order. Luckily, the team at Prism Group has mastered an approach that provides a sure-fire way to drive continued success for our clients, making their voices and priorities heard, no matter who holds the majority in State Houses, the U.S. Congress, or the White House.

Prism Group prides itself on what we call a three-tiered outlook to success, meaning at any given time we seek to drive results through three sets of goals:

  1. Raising a client’s profile and visibility in Washington, state legislatures, and across the administration (securing earned media, continuously conducting legislative outreach, or sharing and producing ground-breaking thought leadership);

  2. Acting on opportunities to advance short-term policy goals (what we can achieve in a Congress or administration); or

  3. Continuously advocating for an organization’s long-term strategic priorities (policies or efforts that typically take over five years to achieve).

This three-tiered approach is critical to the success of those we represent and serve, and it almost always pays off. But what does it look like to live and breathe this three-tiered outlook that we pride ourselves on so much? Let’s break it down.

  • Raising your visibility. The team at Prism Group will work to elevate your brand and refine your voice to our nation’s policymakers. Whether that means giving your logo or website a new look and feel, shouting your newly minted research from the rooftops, or creating a strategic communications plan to get your priorities and calls-to-action in top news outlets including The Hill, CNBC, or Politico. Over time, your national presence will grow, your relationships to policymakers will deepen, and you will become the trusted expert and voice in your field that Washington relies on to make decisions, trade-offs, and more.

  • Securing short-term wins. Our team is highly skilled at recognizing openings for opportunity before they arise, leveraging our insights and relationships to policymakers to provide you with an advance notice and advice on how to maximize an opportunity for engagement. We then leverage these opportunities to secure your short-term wins, including changing bill language to ensure that your organization is eligible for programs/programmatic dollars, sparking the conversation in Congress for legislation making improvements to outdated programs, or influencing federal regulations impacting your members through regulatory or administrative engagement.

  • Making progress on your long-term, organizational priorities. Advancing your mission and vision is a critical part of our work – over time, continued advocacy and brand-building efforts begin to pay off. Securing long-term wins takes year-over-year effort and dedication to your cause; an offering we pride ourselves on in our continued efforts to ensure your success. Long-term wins range from securing amendment language in a massive package that makes critical changes to laws and agencies that have posed barriers to the advancement of your organization to working with federal regulators making long-awaited changes to outdated regulations hampering your progress in a 21st century economy.

Our talented team of partners and staff recognize the value of each of these pillars and continuously work to promote your voice and achieve your goals. There are many days at Prism Group where our team activates across all three of these tiers at once – ensuring that no matter who is in power, no matter how many legislative days are left in a given session, you are guaranteed to make progress towards achieving your goals. We continue to see success for our clients so long as we stick to our proven formula, keeping organizations relevant, persuasive, and agile in achieving their government affairs goals.

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