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Quarterly Snapshot Memo - Winter 2022


In our winter "Snapshot," we reflect on the accomplishments of the 117th Congress, what we're watching for

so a printable Congressional calendar is located within our "Snapshot" for your convenience and use in 2023.

Washington in 100 Words

A small – and already combative – House GOP majority will keep whoever is Speaker on their toes. But Republican control of a chamber will move the party off the sidelines in 2023, ending an unusually successful run of major legislative victories for Democrats and President Biden.

Maybe it’s the Capitol complex re-opening. Maybe it’s the settling in of the Biden Administration. Maybe it’s incoming divided government... but there is an undeniable feeling of Washington back to business as usual from pre-Covid.

Will they or won’t they? Who will be at the top of the ticket for the 2024 Presidential Election will ultimately be the story of 2023, coloring everything from media to policy decisions. We are only in the early days of what will be a fierce debate about the proverbial “souls” of each party.

Goodbye to the 117th

“There is no denying this Congress has been one of the most productive in decades. Unified government (House, Senate, and White House all under Democratic control) was the obvious driver, but so was a Big Government response to historic public health and economic crises. In addition to two major defense bills, ongoing Ukraine funding, and two years of appropriations, the 117th Congress enacted four pieces of landmark legislation, with funding, regulation, and implementation playing out over the next decade."


  • American Rescue Plan Act or “ARPA” (March 2021)

  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act or “IIJA” (November 2021)

  • Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors and Science Act or “CHIPS Plus” (August 2022)

  • Inflation Reduction Act or “IRA” (August 2022)


  • FY23 Omnibus


  • Reauthorizations

  • Tax Extenders

  • Big Tech Regulation & Antitrust

To Read Our Entire Memo, Download Below:

Download PDF • 7.56MB
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