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Influence Insights - Jan. 5 Blog

New Year, New Congress. Prism Group takes to the Hill to welcome newly elected Members and old friends.

The start of a new year (welcome 2023!) brings with it a new Congress. A new session of Congress is akin to the feel of a first day of school; member offices are open to the public, staff stand ready to take your business cards, and the energy in the corridors of power is nothing short of electric. To welcome in the newest members and to connect with our old friends, the Prism Group team took to Capitol Hill on January 3rd to celebrate the first day of the 118th session.

This year’s open house was nothing like those in years past, as it was the first time the Hill was back open to the public since the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. On every office television, the “fight for Speaker of the House unfolded with three separate ballots being cast for the position, and the House adjourning three days in a row with no Speaker elected - the most Speaker votes that have occurred in over a century. Despite the turbulence, Members and staff alike were excited for new beginnings and new opportunities for moving legislation forward in this Congress.

Pictured: Alexis D’Amato (left) and Olivia Lucanie (right) congratulate Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH).
Pictured: Alexis D’Amato (left) and Olivia Lucanie (right) congratulate Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH).

To end the day with more celebration, members hosted inaugural receptions to celebrate re-election and hear from stakeholders what policy priorities will be for the new year. In the words of Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ): “When constituents ask us, ‘What do you want to get done this year?’ I like to respond by asking how we can best serve them. Let’s start by listening – we are already doing the work.” Americans exercised their right to vote this year, and our lawmakers are certainly listening. Being able to directly voice opinions and asks to the individuals who represent us is cornerstone to being American, and is a part of the values that this country was built on.

Overall, amid the chaos and the excitement, the revitalized energy, and the very forces behind democracy itself, Prism Group is entering the new year ready to engage and excited to achieve results for our clients in this new Congress.

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