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Quarterly Snapshot Memo - Spring 2023

Spring 2023

We are pleased to continue our Quarterly Snapshot memo series and deliver in-depth insights from the Capitol, the states, and all things Congress to your inbox on a quarterly basis.

In our spring report, we reflect on the first 100 days of the 118th Congress, analyze President Biden's budget, and explain how major legislation is moving forward in the halls of Congress. We have also created a printable Congressional calendar as well as a congressional leadership map for your convenience and use in 2023.

Washington in 100 Words

Washington is blossoming again. A cadre of new Members of Congress are settled, Committees are seated and active, and the Administration is running full speed with regulatory activity. It’s a good thing too as the country faces the first bank failures in more than a decade, continued war in Europe and geopolitical turmoil in Asia and an economy that no one can fully explain.

Layer in the politics of the looming 2024 election, possible criminal charges against a former President and occasional tension between White House and Congressional Democrats and you can understand why everyone seems busier than ever. The real question? In a short window of six to eight months, can the 118th Congress accomplish any big goals? 

What Has the 118th Accomplished in Their First 100 Days?

“In its first 100 days, the 118th Congress has (finally) approved a majority of the committee rosters and elected itself a speaker and slate of party leaders on either side of the aisle. In terms of actual accomplishments, this Congress does not yet have any major pieces of legislation to show for, however, many members are heads down on tackling an impending debt ceiling crisis and debating funding allocations for Fiscal Year 2024. While many members are still finalizing their priorities for each of their committee assignments, legislative staff are hard at work producing legislation (both messaging and must-pass) to drive this Congress forward. In this quarter’s memo, we outline the key players that are a “must-know” for all stakeholders working to influence the policy process, regulations to watch, and highlights from Congress’ to-do list going into a busy spring."

Will anyone listen to business?

The indicators that businesses need workers could not be clearer. WIOA 2.0? Immigration? New ideas? Will anyone in Congress find a way to solve a glaringly obvious worker crisis?

The President's Budget

Like his State of the Union, the President’s Budget is designed to turbo-charge the base and make clear about 2024.

Bernie Last Hurrah?

With an ever-narrower likelihood Senator Sanders becomes President, the last line on the resume will be Chair of the Committee on Health, Educations, Labor, and Pensions. There are active chairs, and then there is Bernie. He is hauling in CEOs, and ramping up the rhetoric as most everyone else under the Committee’s jurisdiction holds their breath.

To Read Our Entire Memo, Download Below:

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